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Blog 5/17/11 (day 20)

Still holding at the same weight even after continuing to eat  meals as late as 10:00 pm.

Woke up with very sore legs from doing the four sets of squats on the vibration plate yesterday.  Felt it in my quads and knees.  I am very happy about that because it means I worked the muscles effectively.  I am sure the soreness will be gone tomorrow.  In fact, I am considering hiking Old Rag Mountain again Thursday.

Of course, the sore quads did not stop me from walking 2.8 miles before breakfast.

Today I went for a dentist appointment.  Prednisone can cause many problems with the mouth and gums, including infections, swollen gums, or thrush.  It is important to get a checkup and professional teeth cleaning every 6 months.  Certainly flossing every single day is a big part of minimizing adverse side effects of prednisone.

There are reports from the New England Journal of Medicine about how plaque from the teeth can lead to heart disease. Being on an immunosuppressant drug like prednisone only puts us at a greater risk for infection and disease.

Today was suppose to be a leg workout day but I played it safe and only did leg curls and the elliptical machine (since the quads were pretty sore).

Tomorrow I got for lab tests to see how well the prednisone is doing what it is suppose to be doing so I may not get to do a fat burn walk before breakfast.

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